Non-disclosure of Certain DWI Offenses in Texas


The Texas legislature has passed a new law which will allow thousands of Texans to obtain an order of non-disclosure for certain convictions for driving while intoxicated (“DWI”). Many people find it difficult to move forward following criminal convictions, knowing that information related to that mistake is a matter of public record. Criminal convictions often show up on background searches for things like job applications, which has a negative impact beyond a person’s sentence. Texas has recently created a path toward an order which would keep certain cases from being disclosed. This is an exciting development for those with a single mistake which has created a criminal record.

The new law is currently in effect and is retroactive, meaning that it applies to cases which occurred prior to its enactment. If you have questions regarding this new law and your potential eligibility, you should contact an experienced criminal attorney.

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WMB What Is Standard Possession

So What Is Standard Possession Anyway?

During the divorce process it is often necessary to determine who gets the kids and when. Many parents seek divorce without knowing what that arrangement will likely look like by the time the divorce is finalized. Fortunately, in Texas there is a general roadmap regarding “possession” (more commonly known as “visitation”), known as the Standard Possession Order. Read More

WMB Site Release Logo

WMB New Branding and Website

The law firm of Witt, McGregor, & Bourland, P.L.L.C. is thrilled today to announce the release of our updated branding and website. We were due for a facelift, so we turned to Daniel Palmer and his agency, Morether Creative to do the job. Our firm has grown since completing our first website. We have added a few young attorneys to the team and need branding and a website that reflects a modern, fresh approach to practicing law. Read More